A beautiful older sister with a sexy atmosphere.
[Narumi] has a very cute smile and perfect style

This is the perfect woman for a gentleman who is a VIP.

Please enjoy quality time.


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A very charming smile and aegyo that tickles a man’s heart.
She is [Akari], who was born with an honest personality and a clean atmosphere.

At first glance, she looks like an adult, but she is a spoiled child and is a wonderfully lovely beauty who can forget the time and flirt. The way the air is conveyed is also natural, and the way the mood shifts to an erotic

mood does not make you feel like you are working at all, and
you can receive customers in a natural state
from start to finish.

We recommend playing with it♪


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Ms. [Suzuha], who is full of beauty and you would definitely not be able to get your hands on it if you were in the company

She is so beautiful that she can capture the hearts of men in an instant.

Please enjoy a moment’s adventure with a woman who has never been able to get her hands on a company until now ♪

[Suzuha] is sure to be a high-class cast at our shop!

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The dazzling superb body is an erotic style that puts gravure models of magazines and DVDs to shame.
The body is good, but the face is nothing
that.The cute faces are definitely the top rank among the many beautiful women in our shop.
This special erotic body seems to be in estrus mode at around age, and it seems that he chose this job because he was interested.
Well, I have a lot of imagination ♪

I’m sure that even our discerning customers will be satisfied.
We recommend that you make a reservation before it becomes difficult to make a reservation.

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[Miina], who seems to be at the reception desk of a famous company.
I think you’ll have a good time because you’re polite and love to talk.
With an atmosphere like a gentle older sister, it’s perfect for customers who want to be spoiled by women.
He has a strong spirit of service and is sure to satisfy everyone with the techniques he has cultivated so far ♪
Please make a reservation!

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